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Notes from the Vineyard


David Littnero
December 5, 2016 | David Littnero

New New New!

We're so excited to announce our new website and our new options for our valued club members. Now when you go online you can login and access your previous sales history with us, whether you were in the tasting room, shopping online or calling us for a special order.

Our new website has made it even easier for you to get our wine shipped directly to you, and hopefully you'll feel right at home with it's face lift.

Club members can now have their exclusive shipping discounts applied when you buy from us online. You also now have more freedom with your club shipments each quarter.

Before you used to have to call us to get your shipment customized. Now you can pick and choose whatever you want on your shipment. For example, when you login and see your club list section, you can now "Edit" your club and you will be shown all of the various wines that you can choose from. If you are part of our case club, you'll be able to choose any 12 bottles you want as a minimum, but you'll also be able to make your shipment bigger if you wished. Want 24 bottles this shipment, and 12 next shipment? Go ahead! Want 12 of the Rosé this time and 12 Cabernet next time? No problem! The choice is yours!

Even if you don't have a club membership with us, you still are able to create a login and access your previous sales history and qualify for discounts to the special events and live music we host every few months.

Take a moment to look through our site and experience a little taste of what its like to visit Dog House Winery's tasting room. You'll see it's fun to be in the "Dog House"!

David Littnero

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