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This is not editable within the admin panel and must be changed by our design team. During the setup process, please send your logo to your project manager.

Main Menu

To add a page to the main menu, in the admin panel, navigate to Content Editor > General Pages. Select the page you would like to add and click Page Properties > Main Menu > Yes. To remove a page, click Main Menu > No.

Global Options

Various configuration options are available in the admin panel under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Global Options and the overall color scheme can be changed under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Color Palette. Click here to see samples of some of these options.


The icons in the footer can be edited in the admin panel under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Social Links. The last icon is an information icon, which displays the copyright and legal links when you hover your mouse over it (or tap it on moblie).



The background of the homepage can be configured in the admin panel under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Home Background. You must choose a background photo and can optionally choose to show a YouTube video as the background, which can play either muted or not muted. To add a YouTube video you will need the video ID, which is the last string of text in the URL; for example, if the URL was, the video ID would be everything after the "v=" (video equals), so 1k_bPhglhZk. You can also find this ID in YouTube by clicking the Share button; you'll see a short URL such as where everything at the end is the video ID. Be sure any video you use is set for public viewing. We also recommend you not show ads on the video, as they won't look very good and will not be clickable.

On mobile devices the video will not be shown and the background photo will be displayed instead.

Main Content

The main content for the homepage can be edited in the admin panel under Content Editor > General Pages. We recommend keeping this short and direct, giving visitors a clear call to action.

Home Announcement

The home announment that slides in after a short delay can be configured in the admin panel uner Content Editor > Content Blocks > Home Announcement. You can choose to disable the widget entirely, adjust the delay before it is shown, etc. If you would like to show your own announcement instead of the Newsletter Signup, make sure you:

  1.     Change the Headline
  2.     Click No for "Show Newsletter Signup?"
  3.     Add your short text in the "Alternate Announcement" field
  4.     Click Yes for "Show Alternate Announcement?"

Secondary Pages


The backgrounds of the secondary pages can be configured in the admin panel under Content Editor > Content Blocks > Page Background. You will need to upload a photo for both desktop and mobile, and can choose what type of semi-transparent screen overlay you would like over the photo (white, black, or none). Black usually works best, but you can adjust this setting to make sure your text is readable over the photo.

These content blocks are assigned to specific pages, so you can have one photo on multiple pages. To change which pages display a particular content block, go to the content block you wish to edit in the admin panel and click the Edit button at the bottom, under the Pages tab. You can also add a new content block by clicking the "Add a Content Block" button on the right of the page and selecting "Page Background" as the template.